Monday, September 24, 2012

Daily Wax Melts September 22nd 2012

Only showing 3 melts of September 22nd. I am not sure what I had going in my bedroom but I think it was a cube of the Sleepy tart from The Bathing Garden (which was really good).

-CFTKR Shampoo de Luxe in my 20W hot plate warmer in the first floor. This was so super strong it overpowered the other melts going on in my house. A very strong slightly powdery fresh scent. Not my fave though!

-Country Home Scent Warm Orange Danish in a tealight warmer in my kitchen. This was one of the weakest orange danish kinda scents I tried so far. The scent itself was super yummy though.

-Tiffany Candles Fruity Loops in a 24W hot plate warmer in my living room. A great citrusy bakery scent. Really a pretty scent but the CFTKR tart took over my house lol

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