Friday, September 28, 2012

Tiffany Candles haul

I ordered from Tiffany Candles a while ago when she used the old style packaging (like Kim´s tarts) and the old wax and I wash´t really a fan... also due to the scents I chose I guess!

However on my fave Youtube channels I saw more and more rave reviews for Tiffany pop up so I certainly couldn´t resist to place an order. Since shipping was free for orders $50+ I took advantage of that =) 

The current rave scents are Stress Relief, Sinus Relief, Doughnut Shop, Gooey Doughnut Shop and Serendipity. I picked up a good bunch of scents along with 3 wood wick candles (they are awesome and crackle so loud!). Doughnut Shop is too strong cinnamon for me but I love Stress Relief and Sinus Relief! 

I let these cure for a week or 2 and I think they perform really well, especially on the hot plates!

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