Friday, September 7, 2012

Daily wax melts September 7th 2012

I was out and about most of the afternoon but I opened my melters to return to a wonderfully scented home ^..^

-Shayz Scentz Apple Mint Jelly in my 20W warmer in the 1st floor. I love this scent and will purchase a bigger pack next time I order! A refreshing blend of a crisp apple and refreshing mint. Had a good scent throw and lasting power.

-Rosegirls Chunk Wax Cake Melt in Royal Sweet Potato Pie in a tealight warmer in my kitchen. So far almost all of the RG chunks I melted were pretty much unscented or smelled very faint when melting =( this was a sweet and spicy scent but I could only smell it lightly. Not sure how I feel about RG yet but I have 2 hauls to post about =)

-Candles By Victoria in Pop Rocks in my 24W hot plate warmer in my living room. This is a fresh fizzy fruity kinda scent and it totally knocked my socks off. A really strong scent I received in a destash package and my first ever CBV scent shot. Really impressed with this!

-Shayz Scentz Sinus Relief in my new 3-piece rabbit bulb warmer in my bedroom. I normally don't post the melts going on in my bedroom as I melt them at night (normally any kinda lavender/sweet dreams/baby bath kinda melts) however today I set up one of my new rabbit bulb warmers in my bedroom so I decided to melt a sinus relief tart and take a nap. This smelled great (like eucalyptus, lemon and honey) and helped me sleep despite my stuffy nose. Highly recommended strong scent!

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