Sunday, September 2, 2012

Daily wax melts August 30th 2012

30th of August was a very sad day for me as one of my bunnies died in the evening. She had been ill for a while and her death wasn't unexpected but all the same we were very devastated.
During the day I had my warmers on with the following scents:

-Sweet Fixations Sweet Dreams in a tealight warmer in the 1st floor. I don't remember this scent being strong at all so like most SF this wasn't so for me.

-Long Cane Primitives Lemon Pound Cake in a tealight warmer in the kitchen. A nice fairly strong lemon bakery scent. Was good and strong enough.

-Lasting Scent Candles Berry Custard Pie on a 24W hot plate in the living room. As one can expect from LSC this was a super strong and yummy scent. Smelled very authentic of a creamy pie with tart fresh berries. Great fall scent!


  1. I am very sorry to hear about your bunny. Ironically I have had a bunny for awhile I have wanted to find a new home for because we do not get her out and play with her enough. On the 30th I found a new home for her with a friend bunny and children to love on her. I cried a bit because I knew I would miss her. Our bunnies are both in better places. Take Care.

  2. Thank you! She was very precious and is missing in her group =(