Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Bathing Garden haul

As I mentioned before I love TBG. I placed this order already mid July and received it early August so it's about time to post about it.
I bought 15 tarts and 4 small scrubs and received 3 free tarts, a scrub sample, one large instead of small scrub and 3 packs of leftover wax pours.

I got:
-Black velvet cake
-Frosted fruit cake
-Parisian strawberry fields
-Coconut cream pie
-Toffee candy apple
-Mermaid tears
-Cinnamon cookie dough
-Pirate punch
-Sugared pie crust
-Call me rainbow
-Tropical fruit
-Blackberry woodland
-Blue hawaiian

Free clamshells:
-Belle fleur
-Zucchini cake noel
-Confetti sugar

-Neroli orange blossom
-Vintage circus (got the free upgrade)
-Triple berry torte
-Mermaid tears
-Tequila lime sample scrub


  1. I just ordered Frosted fruit cake a few days ago. What did you think of it? Back in elementary school, our lunch ladies used to make this dessert called a frosted fruit bar. I saw this and I bought it hoping it would smell yummy like the dessert from my childhood.

  2. It smelled amazing when I melted it a few days ago!!

  3. Hi! I just found your blog & wanted to let you know that I really love your posts! I love seeing hauls & reviews (much like any wax addict lol). The Bathing Garden has my HOLY GRAIL scrubs - seriously, nothing does my skin better, and it just gives me an excuse to keep ordering scrubs & wax from her, which I certainly do not mind :)

    As an aside, I have accumulated quite a surplus of wax that I am attempting to "destash", as they say... let me know if you're interested & I'd be happy to send you the list - lots of vendors (most of which you may have already tried, but who knows!) Looking forward to reading more great posts!