Sunday, August 19, 2012

Nellies Acres haul

I first found Nellies Acres tarts via a youtube video posted by clsings7. She showed a big lot of leftover wax pours that the vendor sold on ebay for just a few bucks so I got one, too. I think I paid like $7 & shipping for 3lbs of tarts. When I received my lot all tarts were smashed and all kinda scents were thrown into that bag together so they smelled all a bit off. However I noticed that her tarts were really strong so I took advantage of a July special on her actual website and ordered a bunch of her tarts.
8-packs of palm wax tarts retail for $5 which is a good price for those fairly large tarts. I got 6 bags of the 8-packs. A pack of 5 bigger tarts ($4) and 2 packs of muffins ($6/each) but those are made of a soft wax so they arrived pretty deformed.
Scents are pretty much mostly bakery and the tarts smell strong on cold throw. When melted the tarts are medium strong.
I am not a big fan of palm wax as most of the time the scent throw is very bad. Nellie's are decent though. The good thing about palm wax is that once it's cooled and turned back into a solid you can just pop it out of the warmer without freezing it.

I got:
-Honey Vanilla Lovedust
-Amish Friendship Bread
-Nellie's Almond
-Lemon Pound Cake
-Lavender Vanilla
-Baby Bee & Buttermilk (awesome!!)
-Blueberry Pie
-Raspberry Cream Pie

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