Friday, August 17, 2012

A recent haul from The Bathing Garden on Etsy

The Bathing Garden (TBG) is my favorite tart vendor. Also her sugar scrubs are a daily staple so I always order some with every tart order I place.
I love how nicely the tarts are decorated and the scent throw is amazing on the majority of the scents. Even the ones that seem lightly scented usually throw well when melting.
The owner Shannon is always extremely generous with freebies so a part of the excitement about getting an order is to see which extras she included. =)
I actually ordered 12 clamshell tarts (a 10-pack for $30 and 2 individuals for $3.50/each) and 4 small scrubs ($5.25/each) but got 5 full-sized tarts, a small scrub, a scrub sample, 3 tarts baggies (poured from random leftover wax) and an upgrade from a small to a large scrub as my extras!
TAT was around 5-7 days.
As always a wonderful experience!

The scents I ordered are:
-Sparkler Party
-Cake Batter Ice Cream
-Confetti Sugar
-Corn pudding bread
-Wildberry scones
-Pink pomegranate
-Venetian spa
-Chic summer
-Sugar & polka dots
-Sugared pie crust over sweet peach
-Peppermint marshmallow fluff
-Zucchini bread noel

-Raspberry lemonade
-Sugar Plum Fairy
-Grasshopper Pie
-2x Tequila Lime

-Sugared pie crust
-Summer melon & mint
-Frosted Marshmallow
-Chic Summer (got upgrade to large size)
-Pirate punch (free)
-Olive lemon grove sample (free)

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  1. I am glad I stumbled upon your blog. :) I will be keeping up with you. I love the bathing garden but most of all I love all things scented. Thanks for blogging! Check mine out if you get a chance.