Friday, August 17, 2012

CFTKR haul =)

Candles From The Keeping Room (CFTKR) is one of my top favorite tart vendors. The others are The Bathing Garden, Lasting Scent Candles, Front Porch and Country Home Scent. And others are in the making (like Haley's has been pretty amazing so far!).

CFTKR is a ready-to-ship company so all their stock is poured and ready to ship thus their TAT has been consistently on 1-2 business days which is really amazing. Recently their shop was closed for a few weeks so I placed an order right when they opened again earlier in August. I was especially interested in snatching a few of the beautiful new fall candles they had shown pics of on Facebook.
I was probably one of the first ones to order so I got to choose freely what I wanted.

I got 3 candles:
-Jack-o-lantern in Sweet Indian Bread with a fitting witch hat topper, $8.50 (topper $2.95)

-A granite bowl pumpkin candle in Pumpkin Marshmallow Sugar Cookie, $14

-A vintage glass jar candle in Cranberry Jelly, $10

I also purchased a 4oz tart bag in Prairie Cakes ($3.25) and an 8oz bag in Sugar Corn Pudding ($5.50).
All orders placed within the first few days of her reopening got a cute little kraft paper bag filled with different goodies.
I got 5 tart samples, a super sweet huge ghost tart in the Bear Claws scent and a little baggie of putka pods (they look like mini-pumpkins!)

A tip: CFTKR tarts are very strong and made of a very hard paraffin wax thus they are not suitable for most bulb warmers however when using a 24W hot plate the scent throw is super strong at first but fizzles out quickly (3-4 hrs I'd say). So I'd recommend a lower wattage hot plate (I use 17W) or a tealight warmer.


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