Saturday, August 18, 2012

Daily wax melts August 18th 2012

Today it's very hot and I tend to melt fresh and/or lemon based scents.

I decided on:
-Kim's Tarts Lemon Sugar in the 1st floor in a Yankee tealight warmer. To me it is a sharp lemon bordering cleanser smell. The throw is alright. As a general thing I am not a fan of Kim's and wouldn't buy there again. The tarts are hit & miss (more miss) and the scents are very generic as there are no custom blends as far as I know.

-The Bathing Garden Blackberry Jam & Lemon Curd (2 cubes) in a Yankee tealight warmer in my kitchen.
A very bright tart lemon mixed with a sweet blackberry. A wonderful combination in my opinion and a solid medium scent throw. This is one of TBG's most popular scents.

-CFTKR Berry Verbena on my 17W hot plate in my living room. A mix of sweet berries and a refreshing lemon verbena. Smells a bit similar to the TBG scent I am melting in my kitchen.
Scent throw was strong at first but much softer 6 hrs later.


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