Friday, February 15, 2013

My big CFTKR Re-opening Haul

After over a month of being closed and doing remakes CFTKR finally opened back up on January 24th at around 4-5AM EST (I think). I was ready and stalking the website from about 4:30 onwards to be able to score the stuff I wanted (I had my list right beside me so that I wouldn´t miss anything). I was really quick with my checkout (I took less than 12 minutes after the drop-down menus magically appeared) and still I was not even among the first 40 orders I believe lol. Anyway, my order shipped on the 2nd day after the re-opening (amazingly fast!) and I got everything I wanted except for one candle that showed OOS (all 4 pieces!) 1 minute after the site was back up.
I got amazing samples/freebies (last 6 pics) and scored a few beautiful candles! The pewter candle garden will be perfect for fall (I like thinking ahead lol...)

8oz bags and 4 oz bags

Candle in Serendipity

Candle in Sugar Cookie Latte

Pewter Candle Garden (candles Sugar Cookie Latte and Cranberry Apple Zucchini and big tart melt in 7up Pound Cake)


#34 2013 New Citrus & Fruit Blends

#36 2013 New Bakery Fruit Blends



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  1. HOLY BALLS THAT'S THE MOST BEAUTIFUL HAUL I'VE EVER SEEN! I love Carol and her free samples! These candles. MASTERPIECES.