Friday, February 15, 2013

Small Frostings Wax Melts haul

I placed another order with Frostings as I was so impressed with her Serendipity scent I received in my first order. I got a dozen of her Serendipity tarts.
What annoyed me a bit was the TAT. It was pretty much at the 3 weeks mark once she shipped it and I was not kept informed however her listed TAT was 2-3 weeks so I guess it´s ok.
Also the tarts this time smell a bit different, a bit weaker and with a slight strange under-note. I hate when that happens. I try to stock up on a scent I love and then it´s just not the same. Anyway, a bit of curing time might take care of that =) The last Serendipity I melted from her cured for at least 6-7 weeks.
The tarts are really pretty and quite a bit bigger than the last batch. A few were a bit smashed but the wax is very soft and almost sticky =) And packaging is so pretty! I also got a free sample!

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