Sunday, February 3, 2013

Haley´s Heavenly Scents haul

So far I only ordered once from HHS back in summer and I was very impressed with the products (got a few clamshells). I had 2 shallow reasons for not ordering for quite a while though: The TAT (2-3 weeks which nowadays could be considered pretty quick with other vendors´s TATs going up drastically) and the missing labels (as in vendor name and/or logo labels). Stupid, I know!
Anyway, since I started getting addicted tob Serendipity blends I decided to place a huge order with HHS back in December. I got my order in the middle of January which brought the TAT to about 3 weeks which is quite good. 
I am absolutely BLOWN AWAY with my stuff. The scents are amazing and strong, EVERY SINGLE ONE! (Sorry for the caps lol). The Granmas Zucchini Bread blends (aka crack bread) are awesome and I just can´t stop melting my stuff (you didn´t see as many in my daily melts as I actually melted as I didn´t post some melt days and sometimes I change out melters and don´t take pics of those either). Anyway, I just placed another order and can´t wait to get it soon!
Definitely one of my favorite orders I placed so far from any vendor.
HHS offers free shipping on orders of $25 plus free 6-packs of your choice of tarts depending on the order value (check website for details). I also got 2 free scent shots.

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