Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Scented Princess Haul

Here is my first and most probably last haul from TSP. I am just underwhelmed with this stuff. First off the TAT was hard on the border for me. I think I waited over 3 weeks. When I inquired after less than 2 weeks or so there were 9 orders in front of me and it still took quite a while to get my 5 jumbo clamshells out. It´s ok, she´s new and got pretty slammed with orders but a quick email to keep me informed was to be appreciated.

When I finally got my order I I noticed that the zucchini bread was a spicy one which I detest (not the vendor´s fault at all though, I should have read the description). 
The throw on the other 4 clamshells was almost non-existent. I waited to let these cure for about 2-3 weeks and melted 4 of the jumbo clamshell cubes at once and got no throw which didn´t astonish me as on cold sniff these smelled really very light.
I am not bashing this vendor at all, many people seem very happy with her products but I will take my business elsewhere in the future and I am happy I didn´t spend all that much.
There is one youtuber whose videos I really love to watch and who inspired me to purchase from TSP but she seems to have the exact opposite luck with vendors than I think when she recommends something in the future I will know that the stuff won´t work for me =D Our noses are after all so different!!

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  1. Thanks a disappointment, I feel like I've heard mixed reviews.