Saturday, February 2, 2013

Butterfly Lane Scents haul

Butterfly Lane recently reopened their website for buyers and I was lucky to stumble across the shop just at the moment she opened so my order was processed within a few days =D
I focused on serendipity blends as I am OBSESSED with that scent. There is an awesome and a not-so-good serendipity though (at least I feel so lol) and generally I prefer it blended and BL is using the kind of serendipity I totally dig! =D
I melted quite a few of the scents and they are really good, medium-strong for the most part! I am really happy with my order! 

All the bags were bursted open though so she needs to change out her bags I think. I had to tape the baggies respectively re-bag every single scent =X
The 4 scent shots were freebies btw =D

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