Friday, February 15, 2013

Daily wax melts February 13th 2013

-Pics, Petals & Scents Aromatherapy Relaxation (2 sticks) in the bedroom (24W hot plate). This was a great relaxing lavender blend with a strong throw and great lasting power till late night and probably beyond. 

-Granny´s Kountry Candles Citrus Linen H2O in the first floor (24W hot plate). I think this was my favorite scent of the day and one of the best I ever tried from Granny´s. A super strong, super lasting fresh citrus laundry scent. It was beyond amazing. I need to check with Wendy if she has more of this stuff!!

-The Bathing Garden Vintage Circus in the kitchen (tealight, 2 cubes). I recently got this scent as I never tried it before except in scrub form and I kinda liked it. However I am not a fan of this scent in wax at all. It´s a mix of blue cotton candy and the BBW type Winter Candy Apple which is a very perfumey soapy apple scent. I don´t like the body care and I didn´t like it in wax form either. The throw was strong and it lasted well but just not something I can see myself reaching for in the future.

-CFTKR Caramel Sticky Buns (2 tarts) in the living room (24W hot plate). A very good sweet bakery scent with a cornbread-note in my opinion. Lasted many hours and was really strong.

-Butterfly Lane Lemon Bread (3 big slices) in the living room (24W hot plate). This was really weak and it had a weird undertone to it. Not digging this.

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  1. Caramel Sticky Buns sounds divine! I just got Vintage Circus in my last haul from her, I hope I like it more then you :(