Saturday, February 16, 2013

Daily wax melts February 14th 2013

-Lasting Scent Candles Cozy Comforter in the bedroom (24W hot plate). This was a weird scent, it was on the one hand some kind of fresh laundry detergent scent but it also had a powdery and a floral note. It was really strong and lasted all day long but when I went to the bedroom to sleep at night it did cause a headache so I poured it out and replaced it with something fresh. Not a fan but not that bad either.

-The Bathing Garden Pixie Dust (2 cubes) in the first floor (24W hot plate). This was super duper strong, a very green fresh citrus-based scent. Amazing and I really enjoyed it but it was almost too strong, might use only 1 cube next time!

-Scentsationals Cupcake in the kitchen (2 cubes, tealight). I really loved this scent, it smells a lot like the usual birthday cake scent many vendors carry. It was not as strong as I am used to from Scentsationals but it was an amazing scent.

-Lil´Kitchen Candles Birthday Serendipity (6 little hearts) in the living room (24W hot plate). AMAZING, awesome, just wonderful stuff. It was about medium strong and lasted through a good amount of hours (6-7 perhaps). I think after curing for longer (this was poured just about 10 days or so ago) this will be even stronger!

-Front Porch Angie´s Famous Cupcakes (2 tarts) and Serendipity (4 heart tarts) in the living room (24W hot plate). This was an amazing mix! The cupcake scent was similar to my beloved birthday cake scent as it was rich and creamy and the serendipity worked perfectly with it! Loved this strong and long-lasting combo!!

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