Sunday, March 24, 2013

Happy Hippy Scents haul

I recently placed an order with a new vendor called Happy Hippy Scents. I was intrigued by her scoopable wax pots so I ordered 6 of them. I got a shipping notification couple of days after I placed the order however it took another 10 days for my order to actually ship. The vendor told me as I ordered such a huge number (6 pcs lol) she needed longer to finish my order. She told me she´d send me "many extras" to make up for the delay but I got exactly 2 samples lol.
Anyway, here is the order. I am not sure if I really like her stuff as the throw hasn´t been that great on most of the stuff.


  1. How did the rump shaker turn out? Been waiting to try that scent out.

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  3. I am the owner of Happy Hippy Scents and another customer shared this blog with me. I just wanted to say that after you received your order if you were not satisfied with any product, please let me know. I will ALWAYS try to make it right with each and every customer. I was very new (I can tell of the approx. time because I no-longer carry those "spatulas for the Scoopables).I was printing both the shipping label and the invoice soon after I received the order. I do apologize. I have never had any other complaints about my Scoopables, so I was just curious if you have melted any of them yet? Thank you for your "advertisement" of my products/company. Best Wished & God Bless~ Hope