Sunday, March 24, 2013

Daily Wax melts March 11th 2013

-The Bathing Garden Frozen Hearts (2 cubes, 24W hot plate) in the bedroom. This was a light minty scent with a sweet note. I did like this but the throw was very light and overall it was rather meh.

-La Dolce Vita Spearmint Eucalyptus (last 4 cubes) in the first floor (24W hot plate). I really enjoyed this crisp herbal scent of this tarts. The throw was good and the staying power as well. 

-Lil´Kitchen Candles Ice Cream Scoop Bread in the kitchen (both tarts, tea light). This was really good, a very sweet ICSB scent with good throw and lasting power.

-JLCCW Serendipity Jaimie in the living room (tea light). This is a very sweet Serendipity blend however the throw in the tea light warmer wasn´t really the greatest...IMO these do better in a 24W hot plate.

-HHS Serendipity Noel in the living room (24W hot plate). One of my favorite Serendipity blends. It´s sweet and creamy and gave a good throw using 2 of those humongous tarts =)

-CFTKR Sugar Milk and Cookies in the living room (2 tarts, 24W hot plate). This was another awesome scent. A sweet cookie with the sweet milk scent from CFTKR. This had a strong throw and great staying power!

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