Saturday, March 16, 2013

Beaux Savons Frais haul

After the disaster I had with BSF´s wrapping bags back in fall (she used the wrong kind so the scent got sucked out of the tarts by the time I wanted to use them leaving me with completely unscented wax) I wasn´t sure if I was gonna risk ordering from her again. 
However she listed so much nice stuff, including a huge bunch of RTS stuff when she reopened on February 14th that I decided to get a bit of everything =) I entered the site (back then it was a craftcafe site but since their cart system failed she changed) about 30 minutes after she reopened and most of the best stuff was gone but I still could score really good things. 
Lacey was very considerate and sent me a bunch of extras and included a note about how sorry she was about the mishap with the scent-sucker bags. I got the fruit loops bowl soap, some tarts, a sachet with scented beads, couple other soaps and a free bath bomb along with the samples that came with the order anyway (in the zebra print baggie). I think that was very kind and I didn´t expect she´d remember my complaint about the bags I did back in maybe December?
I meanwhile placed another order (custom made stuff, due to be delivered about early-mid April) and a huge 17lbs box of RTS goodies is coming my way Monday!..can´t wait!
I am really happy with everything! Her bath products are really good, too!

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  1. Yum! This stuff looks so great! They are definitely on my list to check out. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on each one!