Sunday, March 24, 2013

Daily wax melts March 12th 2013

-Butterfly Lane Scents Peppermint Marshmallow in the bedroom (24W hot plate). This was really sweet with very little mintbut the throw was not really that impressive. I used quite a few slivers and I could not get a scent.

-La Dolce Vita Lavender Sage in the first floor (4 cubes, 24W hot plate). Another great fresh herbal scent from La Dolce Vita. Had a good throw and stayed all day long.

-The Bathing Garden Secret Garden (2 cubes) in the kitchen (tea light). This was an ├╝berstrong green apple scent. It supposedly has mint but I can´t really detect that. It made me nauseous so I had to pour it out after a short while. I won´t be melting this again.

-Lil´Kitchen Candles 16 Candles in the living room (tea light). A blend of birthday cake and something sweet (maybe cotton candy or frosting?). I used 3 hearts and got a nice light-medium throw from this. 

-Front Porch Lemon Bread in the living room (1 loaf, 24W hot plate). I barely could smell anything which is a huge disappointment. FP usually is a solid strong quality tart maker but this particular scent had almost no throw. 

-Sassy Girl Aroma Lemon Cookie Bread in the living room (24W hot plate). I used the whole huge chunk and got a medium throw from this. It smelled really good but I would have preferred a stronger throw.

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