Saturday, March 16, 2013

Daily wax melts March 10th 2013

-Front Porch Vanilla Grapefruit in the bedroom (24W hot plate). This was a nice tart and bitter grapefruit scent paired with creamy vanilla so it was a great bedroom scent. Throw wasn´t that strong though. I prefer BSF´s Grapefruit Peppermint as to me it is more refreshing.

-Lasting Scent Candles Sweet Snow in the first floor (24W hot plate). This was a sweet spearmint with a good throw and lasting power.

-Angel Made Scents Goji Berry in the kitchen (2 cubes, tea light). A refreshing tart berry scent with good staying power and a nice medium throw.

-Streetman Candles Ice Cream Scoop Bread in the living room (tea light). A nice light ICSB scent. I liked it better in the cup than warm though.

-HHS Granmas Cake Batter Zucchini in the living room (24W hot plate). This was amazing! A super sweet gooey zuke bread blend. Really loving that one!

-Sassy Girl Aroma Serendipities Birthday in the living room (2 tarts, 24W hot plate). A good blend of birthday cake and serendipity. Throw was good but could have been stronger for my taste. Lasted most of the day though.

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