Saturday, March 16, 2013

Birdland Paradies haul

I did another haul from Birdland Paradise on Etsy as I love Carol´s warmers and everything else she is selling as it´s really all amazing! She is making the warmers from scratch and she said her rabbit warmers were inspired by my bunnies =D We have been in contact for about a year now and I collected quite a few of her warmers (mainly the ones with the bunnies) and I use some of them every day (whenever you read in my daily melts about tea light warmers they´re from her!). She´s super sweet and I really love her <3
I also got her whipped soap and it´s amazing! It´s really creamy and feels like whipped cream unlike most other "whipped" soaps you can get on Etsy that are rock solid by the time you get them. Carol said it´s tricky to produce those creamy soaps so many do it wrong.
Furthermore I picked up a bunch of her beautiful soaps. She sent extras (tarts, tea lights, some soaps, a small lotion) and as always everything was shipped within like 24 hours or even less!

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