Saturday, March 2, 2013

Nikory Bath Treats haul

I really love Nikory Bath Treats. Aissa´s products are awesome and her new labels are really pretty and give a more luxury feel to her stuff. I did a small haul recently and a bigger one just a few days ago (and gotten it already, she ships really fast). I had a coupon code and sometimes she will do special sales (like sunday sales and the should follow her youtube channel to check her promos.
Her soaps are creamy and don´t dry out my skin and they smell amazing! I love her bath bombs (snow fizzers, yay) and bubble bars, too. 
Along with some other fresh herbal soaps (my fave scent category when it comes to bath products) I picked up a dupe for L***´s Honey I washed the kids soap. I did a comparison of the ingredients and Aissa´s soap only contains various natural butters, fragrance and a saponifying agent whereas the "original" has nasty stuff like sodium laureth sulfate in it... I prefer a handmade all-natural soap anytime. And it smells awesome, just like the one you can buy in the L*** shop.
Here´s my haul..the soap in Snow, the soap samples and the 4 tart cups were freebies!

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