Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ten Digit Creations hauls

I placed an order a while ago with TDC and I couldn´t really count myself too impressed...however I was searching for the Pistachio Coconut Fluff tarts as I fell in love with a sample I got from a vendor who didn´t restock this scent for a while. I found that scent on TDC and decided to get a bunch of those and in addition try their body care. Especially since the PCF scent is skin-safe so I could get a lotion and spray in it. I really love the body care! the products are made from scratch which is a very important thing for me when buying handmade lotions and creams. I don´t want lotion bases with just fragrance mixed in. I could just go and get anything from a drugstore if I wanted that. The peppermint and menthol ice lip balms are new staples for me as well as they´re really creamy and feel so nice and cold on my lips.
I also picked up a few other tarts. I´d still say I wouldn´t really buy most of their bakery scents as these generally seem on the lighter side but the fresh and clean scents are very good.
TDC has a lightning fast TAT so they´re awesome if you need a quick fix of tarts or handmade body stuff. Even the customized lotions will ship in a day or 2. 
The sprays are very strongly scented and last really long. I got the laundry day spray actually as a room spray for the guest bathroom and it´s the most awesome air freshener I have ever used! Highly recommended!
So overall I will reorder as I am really liking a lot of the stuff and the awesome customer service and TAT!

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