Friday, April 26, 2013

Kim´s Tarts revisited

Recently I decided to give another chance to Kim´s Tarts. She was my first vendor and her tarts were ok. Some had a good throw, some didn´t have so I moved on very soon as I found far more interesting vendors. I also disliked the fact that she didn´t offer blends however I have come to realize that tarts are something everyone can easily blend themselves: in the melter lol.
Anyway, I saw that she had birthday cake and serendipity and those are 2 of my top favorite scents, especially when mixed together so I got a bunch. I also remember liking her HIWTK dupe so I placed a small order. It was very affordable (a bit over $20 shipped).
It took quite a while to get my order as she obviously had overlooked my order. When I contacted her to inquire about my order she was apologetic and shipped it out a few day later.
I got my order and well...I am not impressed this time either. The tarts came in stapled bags that can´t be opened and closed without destroying them. I hate that as I like to sniff my tarts a 100 times before I will even melt them. Furthermore some tarts looked dirty (take a close look at the birthday cake tarts!) and one bag had sticker residue on it which looked as if the bag had been reused. Also some labels appeared worn or stained.
I melted most of that order and I am not impressed. HIWTK dupe smelled pretty strong but the rest was not really noticeable.
I know many call Kim´s a good tart beginners vendor but I´d say, rather pick up something great even if you are starting out lol
Anyway, I like to give 2nd chances but I won´t be giving a 3rd.

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