Thursday, April 11, 2013

Wicked Scentuals Haul

As you might know I have always been a sucker for nice handmade soaps. My favorite brands are Three Sisters Soaps, Nikory Bath Treats and recently I also fell in love with the stuff from Ariel´s Secret Garden (I know I said in my hauls that I felt her soaps smell a bit fishy but I found out that they really do great when they cure a long time and then they smell wonderful and feel creamy and good for my skin).
I recently used a soap bar from Wicked Scentuals that I ordered last year and I was soooooo entirely impressed that I placed several hauls with her. I got my first haul last week and I am just in love! 
I really love the philosophy behind her products. She tries to use as many organic and natural products as she can. Her products are chock-full of plant oils and butters and other great ingredients and you can really feel it when you´re using them.
I got several mini-loaves (1 lbs each) and they are between $13 and 17 depending on the type and these will last a looooooong time so they´re so worth it! I got 2 facial/body soaps she formulated extra mild, one is targeted to dry/sensitive (Zen) and the other to dry/mature skin (Rosewater & Glycerin) so I thought I would give them a try and just use them on my body if my skin would get any kind of irritations...I kind of expected that actually as my facial skin is sooo sensitive it usually will run amok with any kind of new face care. To my delight the facial soaps feel amazing, moisturizing and don´t try my skin out at looks glowy, smooth and toned and I am really happy!
I also love the other stuff I got. Her body mousses are really creamy, just like whipped cream and they lather well with the help of a body puff. The lotion is awesome and the body oil in dream can knock me out within minutes as it has essential oils of lavender, chamomile and other good stuff to help falling asleep (and it is not a greasy oil as it will be absorbed by the skin within a few minutes).
Her sweet cheeks fragrance is a dupe for Honey I washed The Kids btw =) 
Overall I am super duper impressed and placed a few ginormous orders that just shipped today so it will be early-mid next week till they´re here and I can´t wait! 


  1. Those body gelatos look very nice! You got a lot of fabulous stuff in this haul!

  2. I want to try her facial soaps - have been hearing great things about them