Friday, April 26, 2013

A couple HUGE Beaux Savons Frais RTS hauls

BSF is a really interesting vendor with lots of different items up for grabs. I am waiting for 2 custom orders placed in the first days of March and due to some family issues she is behind in filling orders. However from time to time she listed new RTS stock as she had overpours from orders being filled so I grabbed quite a bit of those. 
I have now realized that while her soaps come in quirky shapes and colors they are not the kind of quality I like for taking a shower (don´t quote me, but I think most of BSF´s are melt´n´pour soaps or at least they feel so) and that in general I like her wax better than her body stuff. Her bath bombs are moisturizing but fizzle away too quickly. I am not sure if her lotions and shower gels are made from scratch (I kinda doubt it) or with a base but those are pretty nice anyway. I overall think her bath products make nice gifts, especially for kids!
Her bubble bars are amazing btw!
Here are the hauls, some eye candy for your viewing pleasure lol!

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  1. Wow, such cute stuff! (Except for the teeth--those creep me out a little :D)