Sunday, May 5, 2013

Scoopable Wax Comparison

Whipped or scoopable soft wax seems to be all the rage now across the wax groups/boards/forums. I am not quite sure if they are something desirable or if they are more messy and work than just popping in a solid piece of wax. 
What I like about scoopables is the ease of blending new scents with them and generally how the amount can be controlled according to the size of the warmer/size of room.

I got scoopable wax from various vendors so it´s about time to review them and see who does it best.

Update: Part 2 is here!!

I´ll review them from back to front, clockwise starting on the very left

-Pics, Petals & Scents loaf in Frosted Lemon Birthday Cake. This is actually not labelled as being scoopable or whipped wax but it´s a very soft creamy wax and the owner started selling this wax in tubs as scoopable but I think the formula is about the same. 

Texture: Firm yet creamy wax. Sticks to the spoon and a pain to clean up IMO
Scoopability: This scoops pretty well with a metal spoon but a plastic spoon is not optimal here. The deeper you go down to the bottom the softer the wax is 
Container: This only comes in the tin foil container which is a pain 
Messiness: Very messy, the sprinkles and wax crumbs go everywhere, the bag this comes in is smeared with wax
Throw: The throw on this patricular scent is awesome and this is one of my top favorite scents from any vendor.
Value for Money: This is more than 1 lbs and cost me about US$10 so it´s definitely the best bang for the buck! 
Repurchase? Yes, but I am glad we can get this now in a polypropylene container (16 oz I believe)

Overall rating: 3.5/5

-Front Porch Scoopable in Caramel Marshmallow:

Texture: Very firm for being a scoop able. Doesn´t really stick to the spoon, yay!
Scoopability: This wax is more of a scrape-able. The wax is pretty hard and comes off in flakes rather than in a slob of a a creamy texture wax. A plastic spoon does the trick as well but if you use a metal spoon with a bit of force you can break off pretty big chunks of the wax. I personally do like the texture.
Container: This only comes in the super heavy glass jar. I would totally prefer a polypropylene container!
Messiness: This is only messy the first few uses but as soon as I am a bit further down in the jar it´s pretty un-messy!
Throw: The throw on these scoopables is awesome, I love creating new blends as well as I acquired quite a bunch of FP scoopables by now!
Value for Money: I think the jar retailed for US$17.50 until yesterday. Today they are US$15.50 as the vendor decided to change the formula to a softer wax (yay!) and sell of the remaining stock of the hard version. This is for 16 oz and includes shipping so IMO this is a very good price for such a quality product!
Repurchase? Yes, most definitely! And I am very excited to see what her new formula will feel like!

Overall rating: 4/5

-Tiffany Candles Whipped Wax in Birthday Bash:

Texture: This is a soft yet firm wax if that makes sense? What I love about this wax is that it has a totally un-crumbly texture!
Scoopability: This wax scoops out perfectly. I need to use a bit of pressure but the wax comes out easily.
Container: The polypropylene container is the best of all the jars IMO. 
Messiness: This wax produces pretty much no mess at all. 
Throw: The throw on the whipped wax is amazing and I don´t really need a lot to get a good throw. In fact the whipped wax from Tiffany is way better than her regular tarts as I get barely any throw from those but a great one with a bit of the whipped wax!
Value for Money: The jar retails for about US$10 for 8oz. That is a pretty high price-tag
Repurchase? Yes, most definitely! 

Overall rating: 4.5/5
-Heavenleigh Apothecary Little Dipper (shown in Sugar Milk Serendipity and Pink Serendipity). 
Texture: To me this has the most unique texture. It´s a very soft wax with an almost dry (as in not oily or creamy) feel to it. 
Scoopability: This wax scoops out effortlessly but it does get stuck to the spoon.
Container: It´s a wide-mouthed plastic pot with a very firmly adhering cover. I like this container a lot.
Messiness: This wax produces a few crumbles making it slightly messy (though not bad at all).
Throw: The throw on the whipped wax is pretty good depending on the scent. Some scents like serendipity lemon curd or serendipity funnel cake are really strong whereas e.g. Pink Serendipity is on the light-medium end of the spectrum.
Value for Money: The jar retails for about US$6.50 for 8oz. That is quite a good price. This is also available in the bigger pail style container for US$20 (24oz, up to 3 individual scents can be layered). 
Repurchase? Yes, most definitely! 
Extra: Heavenleigh Apothecary allows you to create your own custom scent out of up to 3 scents from her list. This is an AMAZING feature, all the Little Dippers I have are custom blends made for me!

Overall rating: 4.5/5

-Happy Hippy Scents Scoopable Layers in Hippy in High Heels/Hippy Butter (a fresh kind of scent). 
Texture: To me this has a strange oily texture but it is nice and medium firm.
Scoopability: This wax scoops out with ease
Container: It´s a wide-mouthed plastic pot with a very firmly adhering cover. I like this container a lot.
Messiness: This wax produces a few crumbles making it slightly messy (though not too bad). What is a real PITA is cleaning out this wax from the wax dishes if I don´t pour it while it´s hot. Once it´s hard it´s next to impossible to get it out without reheating the wax. I tried the freezer method and it was the first wax with which I had no success.
Throw: The throw on the whipped wax is too light for my liking on pretty much all of my 6 scents.
Value for Money: The jar retails for about US$8 for 9.5-10oz. 
Repurchase? No, I don´t think so!
Extra: You can choose up to 3 layers of different scents to customize your whipped wax.

Overall rating: 2.5/5

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  1. This is the first time I've seen a comprehensive comparison of the scoopables that was unbiased! Thank you for that. I've been enjoying FP's scoopables and have found it easy to use. I just ordered Tiffany's scoopables. I wish that the price on those was a little lower. I do agree with the PPS loaves. Those are messy, messy, messy. The pies are even worse. I've almost flung the entire pie out of the container trying to "scoop" it out.