Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My long-awaited Pics, Petals & Scents haul(s)

I placed couple of orders with PPS on February 7th and February 17th and just got them within the past few weeks (from end of May to mid June that is). To be honest I am not the patient kind of person who will not feel stupid waiting 4 months or so for a wax order. But I just love a few of PPS scents so much that I was just sitting those orders out. 
I would not order again though if she´s that swamped. I was getting a bit annoyed during the waiting time as several people got add-ons to their orders which slowed down the TAT for everyone else. At some point the vendor announced that she´ll not accept more add-ons (after some people complained about that included). 

Anyway, unfortunately the 2nd box was so sloppily packed that all of my bunny heads (which I actually had ordered to use as my Easter decor lol) arrived in crumbs. I brought this to the vendor´s attention but only got "awww...I am sorry, stupid USPS" kinda excuse. To be honest that was unprofessional. After all... if I order wax in a specific shape (and you buy 1 piece at a time) I want that shape for a reason. I like displaying pretty tarts and it´s not ok to shove the products in a box without any kind of padding and then not make amends when due. Now I guess I can only melt my rabbit heads (which is the usual destiny for tarts anyway) but I would have liked if I at least would have been offered a refund or replacement. I was waiting and looking forward to my bunny heads for 4 months so I should expect them to arrive in pristine condition. I wouldn´t complain if they were melted as this is not in the sellers´s hands but they were just shattered and good packaging was the sellers´s responsibility for sure.
Also to stay informed about the status of my order I had to inquire several times =/

Anyway, most stuff smells amazing. I don´t like the Pink  Buttercream Cupcake scent though, it smells like straight up vomit =( 

So overall great stuff as always. I got a bunch of really nice samples, too! But the shopping experience as a whole was a disappointment.

Loaves are in Lemon Frosted Birthday Cake and Lemon Frosted Birthday Cake/Serendipity.


  1. i love those smaller scoopables. i wish i could order a few things.......also that is a LONG wait

  2. I just got my order too, placed mine March 3rd & received June 23rd. That's awful about the bunny heads. Those scoopables look nice!

  3. By the looks of your blog posts, you haven't been very pleased with PPS. Why is it that you continue to order from her, if that's the case?

  4. I love your blog! Please keep posting, I miss your daily posts :(

  5. why have you stopped writing? although I only buy bbw candles and such, I love to read about these and look at your hauls, please resume! :(

  6. I love Pics, Petals and Scents. I've only gotten to try this vendor through destashes, but I'm planning an order sometime during the holidays. I'll probably go for the scoopables though since I bet those hold up better during shipping. Like your other readers I too hope you keep writing! :) I enjoy your blog. If you're interested here's a link to my scented wax and candle review blog called The Fragrant Lily:

    I hope you check it out. <3